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Appdafuer GmbH

Case Study

Detailed creation of employees, weekly hours, vacation days and projects according to budget & co.


Appdafuer GmbH is a software developer specializing in mobile apps (IOS, Android). The problem that every agency has to deal with in the beginning is the consistent tracking of the working time of all employees for several different projects. CoffeeCup offers us exactly this tool, which takes over the time tracking without much effort and enables a fast and correct booking on the projects for the work organization.


Previously, we had a time tracking tool, which was not really designed for an agency business. We lacked usability, clarity and additional functions for time tracking. I got to know CoffeeCup for the first time at the “Bits & Pretzels” trade fair. My first thought was that programmers who developed this application for their own software agency would also know the various requirements of the IT sector. Our requirements included creating employees and projects, different options for booking (fixed price/flexible price, budget, budget with flexible price), tracking the duration of an activity – and not just the start and end point – , and automatic rounding up of working time, which CoffeeCup was able to fully meet. The fact that the app remains permanently clear despite the many functions, e.g. through the weekly overview, convinced me from the start. For us, it is now no longer a problem to give the customer feedback on the time invested and the project status. As the managing director, I also have an optimal overview of performance on the dashboard and thus keep a constant eye on the budget, which makes things much easier for me. Employees also get an optimal overview of how much overtime they have accumulated or how many vacation days they still have available thanks to the evaluation function at employee level.

Greatest added value

With CoffeeCup, time tracking is no longer a burden, especially because we don’t have to constantly check the numbers. The configuration options for how numbers can be displayed and evaluated on the dashboard increase confidence in the data collected. We also benefit from the simplicity of the invoicing process. CoffeeCup replaces time-consuming manual typing, it enables automatic creation of the invoice according to customer requirements.

CoffeeCup manages to solve all the problems that arise in an agency, such as time tracking, employee management and invoicing, in a clear way. The detailed features of the application are a great help in this regard.
Michael Kugler, CEO

Favorite feature

For me, time tracking comes first. That was ultimately the reason why we chose CoffeeCup. Also, the detailed creation of employees, weekly hours, vacation days and projects according to budget & Co, as well as the reliability of the figures and thus the invoicing are functions that we no longer want to miss.

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