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Case Study

We were looking for a central planning tool with the possibility to optimally combine planning and time tracking.


We are a software producer in Identity & Access Management. Due to this, there are well-structured processes in our company. OGiTiX does not work like a classic consulting company according to service orders, but very stringently according to short-running projects. These are often further divided and cannot be processed in one piece. Projects with short durations create incredible challenges due to short-term adjustments in project planning. With CoffeeCup we have managed to cover this specific challenge well.


We initially worked with a different tool. The transparency, usability and acceptance by the employees was rather poor for this. We wanted more clarity in a central planning tool and were looking for a way to optimally combine planning with time tracking. Today, the individual areas of our company can benefit individually from the functions of CoffeeCup. In sales, the control functions offered by the dashboard are used above all. Through the optimal budget tracking, the employees obtain important information, such as whether the budget limit will soon be exceeded and one should therefore contact the customer again. Consultants, on the other hand, make the most use of the booking function, whose entries are in turn processed further on the part of the HR team.

Greatest added value

At the planning level, CoffeeCup has added a lot of value for us. We make full use of the planning functions. This includes the creation of projects and the scheduling of employees to the projects. We manage the personal master data of the employees via CoffeeCup and the time tracking is also a daily companion for us.

CoffeeCup enables agile and transparent project planning. In doing so, it takes cooperation in our company to the next level by enabling collective planning.
Markus Förster, CEO

Favorite feature

Among other things, my duties include setting up the projects and doing the preliminary planning. That’s why I’m most excited about the overall planning functions. A very big enrichment for me is that I can talk through the planning together with my employees through Coffeecup.

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