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Case Study

Keep an eye on the status of projects and employees at all times.


Keeping activity records at the customer in order to be able to invoice our services is indispensable for us as an IT service company. As an IT consulting company in the field of software development and administration of software solutions, we were looking for a software solution that was as lean and easy to use as possible, which would be quickly accepted in the company and adopted by our employees.


Some other tools are sufficient for pure invoicing. However, CoffeeCup provides us with additional features such as an overview of the company’s actual performance, the organization of different working time models and the management of vacations. Our initial motivation for introducing CoffeeCup was to gain transparency into our employees’ absences and working hours. In the meantime, it serves as our lead system from work planning to invoicing. In addition to managing customers, projects and employees, we also validate our timesheets through CoffeeCup. This gives us a continuous overview of the regular and complete booking of our employees.

Greatest added value

Since we are usually very spread out across different projects, CoffeeCup allows us to have a shared view of projects at any point in time – “live”, so to speak. The biggest benefit of CoffeeCup is certainly this overview of the status of projects and absences of employees. And this at any time. The whole thing happens in an interactive way, without additional necessary communication. A total added value, especially in the current time, when people work more and more in their home office. Also the insight of the employees, who is currently available or who is scheduled in which projects, has positively changed our workflow. In my eyes, the insight into the evaluation and thus the measurement of their performance acts as a great motivating factor for the employees.

You can see the status of projects and employees at any time, which creates incredible transparency in the company.
Sascha Katzenberger, CEO

Favorite feature

For me, the personal file comes first. It gives you a good overview of the data, documents and performance of each individual employee. The feature for evaluating customers and projects is also very well prepared.

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