Increase team utilization

Get staffing suggestions based on project demand and staff your projects with a few clicks. Read more...

Receive staffing suggestions upon project demand
See free capacities for skills, teams and individuals
Keep your team busy for maximum revenue

Understand account profitability

No need for back and forth with accounting. Receive the  numbers in real-time that matter most to you. Read more...

Get revenue forecasts upon future project staffing
Compare actual vs. planned hours and revenue
See your KPIs at a glance when you need them

Automate work time approval

Automate your entire time tracking workflow including the submission and validation of each entry. Read more...

Connect with any ticketing tool like Jira
Validate and get client approval before invoicing
Document every time entry change with our audit log

Connect your ecosystem

CoffeeCup is built for connecting with best in class software from day one. Therefore you don't have to sacrifice the tools you need  and love. Read more...

Compatible with any client tool landscape
Highly customizable to match your exact needs
Lean and modern UI for best usability

Pick you role

Coffeecup supercharges every software teams' role by making use of data that already exists.


KPI-based dashboard in one view.

For Product Owners

Check time and budget expenditure in realtime.

For Developers

Transparency on jobs-to-be-done.