Match project demand with best capacity and skill fit

No need for back and forth with your project teams. Get staffing suggestions based on project demand and staff your projects with a few clicks. Read more...

Receive suggestions on skill demand and free capacity
Make use of predefined project plans and skill demand
Avoid unnecessary staffing discussions

Increase team utilization

Keep team utilization high by quickly identifying free capacities of your workforce and fill the gaps when needed. Read more...

Identify team utilization gaps faster
Keep future project demand and team capacity in sync
Make better hiring decisions based on future skill gaps

Connect your project life cycle end-to-end

Create a seamless workflow from deals to projects to invoice and keep project numbers in sync within your ecosystem.

Plan projects right from your CRM deals
Sync your time tracking with Jira tickets
Export hours worked to billing software

Your Project Managers will thank you for choosing CoffeeCup.

CoffeeCup connects with best in class CMS, ticketing and billing tools and eliminates manual workflows almost completely. Explore the full power of our platform.

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Coffeecup supercharges every software teams' role by making use of data that already exists.


KPI-based dashboard in one view.

For Product Owners

Check time and budget expenditure in realtime.

For Developers

Transparency on jobs-to-be-done.