Supercharge your

with Team Planning & Budget Controlling.

Coffeecup is an extension for your product management software that supercharges your workflow with budget, cost- and team capacity management and billing.

We integrate with

CoffeeCup is the first controlling and planning solution that connects with any DevOps platform.

Recognize patterns in projects, resources and rentability. Your financials will thank you.

Plan your capacities across projects and find the resources you need.

Dynamic capacity planning allows you to always know exactly how much Dev, UX and PO capacity you have at any given time in the future. Read more...

Plan your  capacities fast and easy
Exact hourly availability for all team members
Absences and working times always in sight

Track your tickets automatically from any DevOps platform.

Forget about endless billing meetings sorting out CSV exports. CoffeeCup automatically assigns your tickets to the right project. Read more...

Connects with any DevOps software
Every ticket in sync for project billing
Automated  validation of timesheets

Control budgets of all projects and clients in one place.

Most controlling tools for software teams can only track one project or client. With CoffeeCup you can control as many projects as you want. Read more...

Control multiple projects at a glance
See your teams productivity in real time
Structure all KPIs within individual dashboards

Report timesheets automatically and bill projects with one-click.

Create an invoice for your client projects with one click and no further search and collect resource allocation and billable hours. Read more...

Export custom timesheet as PDF, Excel or CSV
Generate timesheets via API
Create invoices with one click

Supercharge your development workflow.

Capacity planning

Empower the full capacity of your team and resources on the highest level of accuracy.

Project & Milestone planning

Never miss a deadline again with full team and resource transparency.

Absence management

Plan and manage your teams' absence and vacation individually and ticket-based.

Performance Dashboards

Project transparency like you've never seen before, personalized and modular.

In-depth insights & forecasts

Detailed evaluations and forecasts for project performance and service delivery.

Time tracking on ticket level

Smart ticket tracking from all the tools you love to use.

Pick you role

Coffeecup supercharges every software teams' role by making use of data that already exists.


KPI-based dashboard in one view.

For Product Owners

Check time and budget expenditure in realtime.

For Developers

Transparency on jobs-to-be-done.