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Case Study

Relaxed from hours worked to the invoice provided. According to the principle: One to many.


We are a web agency that creates websites and web applications for enterprise customers. For this, we were looking for a solution that was as digitized as possible to make the process from time tracking to accounting as simple as possible.


As a startup, we quickly chose CoffeeCup because of the appropriate functionality and the interface to easybill. From a controlling point of view, CoffeeCup represents a great added value for us because we can constantly keep track of costs, expenses and budgets. Subsequently, CoffeeCup enables us to create a perfect invoice to the satisfaction of the customer.

Greatest added value

CoffeeCup makes the entire process, from hours worked to invoices issued, efficient for the manager. Furthermore, it offers him the possibility to see at any time how the projects, the employees, but also the whole company is doing.

Relaxed from hours worked to the invoice issued.
Eric Singhartinger, CXO/CEO

Favorite feature

My favorite function is certainly the check of the timesheet, because it is very clearly designed and brings me the most relief. CoffeeCup also optimizes the overview through the color coding of the various projects and activities. The evaluation function shows me at a glance which employee has worked how many hours on which project.

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